Building Blocks Basics - LightWave Modeling for 3D Game Studio

by Dixon Franklin

I was following the 3D Game Studio forum and picked up on this great tip posted by BrimStone. He takes a basic box, cuts it into sections with the Julienne too, and then uses the Bend tool to create an evenly curved room. 10-minute job in LW modeler. Textures by Jonathan Clark and Golgotha team. C/O

The 3D Gamestudio engine seems to like geometry with right angles and requires plannar polygons. The following sequence of screenshots demonstrates how to start with simple blocks, then by using LW Modeler's Clone tool, Julienne cut, Bend, and Rotate, to create a compound curved structure.

Screenshot of 3DGameStudio A6 Extra. "CityDome" was created in LightWave 7.5, then exported by LW to MAP

Feel comfortable and at home using Light Wave 7.5 modeler? Looking for converters, translators, exporters to transfer your creations to a 3d game engine? We're in luck!

David Mathews of Greenbriar Studio has written the LW to MAP scene exporter.

In LW Modeler, starting with two blocks, one offset to create the alternating structure. Overlap the blocks slightly to prevent gaps later on. Apply the textures now if you want alternating materials.
Clone on Y axis with matching overlap to create a wall.
Julienne cut on X axis with 5 divisions.
Bend tool on the wall 90 degrees to curve this way.
Bend tool on the wall 90 degrees AGAIN to curve THIS way.
Rest on Ground X, then Z, then copy/paste and Rotate 90 until you get 4 quarter sections. Combine into one layer, and then send to Layout.
In Layout, open Export MAP. This shows selection of Round points, Scale 100, and Block Search.
Success! Only 456 Blocks. 3DGS World Editor builder will like this. No errors. My "City Dome" level centerpiece is complete. THANKS David, excellent work.