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by Greenbriar Studio -
A Maya Conductor Developer


Animation Loader for Maya - Plugin Ver. 1.0

Directly Import Poser PZ2 / P2Z / FC2 / FCZ / HD2 / HDZ / Mimic and Poser exported bvh files to Maya native models created with CR2 Loader

Available for Maya 5,6,7,8 for PC
Maya 6,7,8 for Mac


This plugin adds the following commands to Maya.


Loads Poser single and animated pose file and Mimic lipsync files to Maya. Reads both normal and Poser5 compressed files.
Reads Pose, Face and Hand files, as well as Mimic files.


Loads files exported as Scaled BVH from Poser to Maya.

Also loads commercial Poser compatible BVH files.


Available now for PC, soon for Mac OSX. Only $75.00