Esmeralda by Thorne and Sarsa in the Dungeon
3Delight with Trans shadows in ToolBox III Pro

Poser model in ToolBox

Texture Guide created after Cylindrical UV creation

Poser three map, 3 uv set model converted to single texture, single UV set




Our 3D modeling System -


A Complete 3D editor for the price of a Plugin!

3D Modeling,
Character Animation and
Movie Creation
Also for Poser Content
and Game System
(currently PC only)

(And finally a product that we can demo!)

A multi level 3D system for the development of games, Poser Content and Animation.

For Games - Full Conitec 3D Game System A6 support - currently reads and writes all 3DGS custom file formats (wmp, mdl7 and hmp)

Full Garage Games Torque support - currently writes dif (with auto compile) and animated DTS and dsq

Ogre / Blink export - currently writes .mesh and .skeleton with auto compile to biniary and .material files. Fully animated, Progressive mesh and manual LOD supported.

Auto generate game levels from 2D plans, straight and spiral stairs, column arrays.
Works with standard uv mapping or Quake style game engine mapping
Create Levels, Generate Terrain and build Animated models
Import and edit common MD2 models

Merge multiple models and textures into a single mesh, texture and uv set for game exporting!

For Poser - reads all Poser files, writes Poser morph obj files, pose files, new cr2 files, conformed cr2 files. Create new Poser content from scratch.

ToolBox includes the Poser joint deformation system so models bend the same in ToolBox as they do in Poser!

Supports thousands of morphs, multi weight bone animation, the import and edit of game style vertex animated models

Oct 15, 2005 Release 1.014 - Adds Torque dif and dts export, Ogre export,
progressive mesh system, IK

See 'Features' for full feature list


To keep with Greenbriar Studio's tradition of free upgrades on such a large and complex piece of software, ToolBox will be offered at various levels. New levels will be released as major components are completed. Each level is a subset of the same code base, so bug fixes and improvements will always be available to all levels, they won't get outdated by new releases. Buy only what you need and know that it will keep being updated even when new levels are released.

The first levels being offered are:
(Download Manual for complete info about what is available in each package.)

ToolBox I Game
Level I is an editor designed to build game levels. It has all geometry editing tools, auto geometry generation tools, single set uv mapping tools, image handling, materials, terain generation. Import and export game levels, obj files and terrain. Does not include animated game models.
Price $95.00

ToolBox II Poser
Level II is for Poser content creation. It adds a complete FK animation system consisting of a professional morph system that can handle thousands of morphs (by the author of the LightWave 8 morph system). Supports Parenting objects to bones, Poser style conforming. Import and export to Poser file formats. Adds multi uv set capability to the the integrated uv editor. Includes morph and bone creation tools. Does not include game level or model tools.
Price $99.00

ToolBox III Pro
Now available. Includes ToolBox I and II plus. High end rendered output for cut sequences, subD surfaces, animated cameras, Apple QuickTime interface and lots of other goodies. Multi weight bone system, plus Poser bone system, vertex animation system, read and edit md2 and other vertex based animated models or convert bone and morph based animations to vertex and then edit! Import and export to animated game model formats and Poser file formats. And the ability to merge multiple textures and uv sets into a new single texture and uv set for game model exporting. Aimed at making game cut sequences, stand alone animations, animated game models, Poser content, bvh import and export. Now with Torque and Ogre game exporters, Progressive Mesh system and IK.
Price $185.00

ToolBox Acclaim Pro
Now available. ToolBox Pro with feature film Acclaim MoCap import/export and bvh to Acclaim. Import, edit and export Acclaim animations. Built to maintain file ordering necessary to be Massive compatible.
Includes ASF import/export, AMC import/export, import bvh to an asf skeleton for export as asf/amc.
Price $385.00

ToolBox IV Dynamic
Adds dynamic systems, gravity and wind along with dynamic Hair, Cloth and Particle system. The addition of sound that plays back synced to the animation, and many features to allow using the OpenGL display system to create movies at almost realtime, which can then be played back inside ToolBox for viewing your animation real time (for scenes too big to play real time in the ToolBox editor). Real time Shadows, antialiasing and depth of field allow you to create useable animated movies at almost real time. Plus built in support for our new GRRen product, our own Renderman (Renderman copyright Pixar) compatible renderer. Also Animated Camera Switching - switch cameras for multiple shots in the same animted sequence! Joint Controlled Morphs moves morphs based on the movement of bones. Creates auto morphing in your models. And new Render output formats - Tiff with Alpha, JPG and OpenEXR High Dynamic Range Image.

Many changes - see updated manual!
Price $250.00

Update policy
Updates to Greenbriar Studio products are free.

Upgrade Policy
The cost to upgrade to more feature rich levels is the difference between the new level price and what you paid for your current level plus only a $5.00 re-license fee. Cheap to try a basic level to see if you like it! Don't pay for the same program over and over!

Additional Licenses
Extra copies of ToolBox are available for only $50 for registered owners.


Download the current manual to see what ToolBox can do.

(New 2.0 manual posted 7/5/07)

DownLoad ToolBox Doc - .pdf
(Select Save Link As to Download)

Demo copy of ToolBox now available. Now comes with the demo version of GRRen!

To get a Demo copy, email a request to



Vertex animated md2 model running in ToolBox


A single morph made into a mesh for easy morph editing.

ToolBox III render showing transparency mapping of hair, eyes and eyelashes


ToolBox Status
oolBoxIV Dynamics now shipping.The ToolBoxIV Demo with GRRen Demo version now available.


Many new edit tools added with 2.0, please see manual.


Check back here for updates on new sections complete and shipping and new game system and file I/O updates. We're working through a long list!

Please feel free to request additions to ToolBox, that's how this project has been designed, reacting to requests from our users.


Terrain generated with one of the built in Terrain generators. Shows base plus detail texture and optional fog.


Some of the door and window styles auto created with the Plan level generator








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