Custom 3D Tools
by Greenbriar Studio


Comments from our Customers.


I just set up my first Poser Character....
all I can say is WOW!
@#$%^ I got to go to work now!!!!



LightWave needs more plug-ins like these. Reasonably priced, awesome developer (and outstanding artist), easy to use. The kicker here is, these plug-ins are packed with so much power you'll wonder what you CAN'T do with it!

Forget the logistics of bringing in a human figure into LightWave, Greenbriar Tools do all the dirty work, letting you focus on more important things and get started on your projects sooner.

David Mathews is both an accomplished tradiitional artist, as well as a VERY talented developer! Finally, some reasonably priced tools to bring in Poser figures for animation and rendering in LightWave. Greenbriar has some totally amazing plug-ins, you'll want them ALL!

Finally! Poser integration with LightWave the way it should be!

The interface is straightforward and the power is amazing. But most amazing is the price, even if it were offered for $200 more or so, it would still be a bargain!"

- Jim Logsdon - Logsdon Media Design



If I had to list one product that has saved the day more times than I care
to count, it has been the CR2/Rigger. While I don't do much rigging in
lightwave, the pure ability to import an entire poser figure with morphs to
work with for a clothing maker is invaluable, and to make the exporting just
as easy is well worth its weight in gold.

Lady Littlefox, Maker of Koshini and Ichiro @