Custom 3D Tools
by Greenbriar Studio


Shade Weights LW Plugin

Auto Shade selected points on Weight Maps

(NOTE - This is sold as a package with Load and Save Weights - see their pages for further info)

This utility is designed to make working on weight maps easier. It provides two major functions: auto setting of weight map values over a selected range of points and direct modification of individual point values.

You can select any set of points on your figure, run the utility, select the weight map you wish to apply to, select the direction - X, Y, Z + or - or radial, change the value range, if desired, and the utility will set the values of all selected points shaded between your low and high values to give you an even change of value across the selected section of weight map. For radial, you first select a single point, set it as the current point (or enter the desired center yourself) before executing the shade.

Once a point has been selected, you can also read its current value from any map or set its value on any map, to allow tweaking of point values.

All parameters are remembered between executions of the tool.

Do to the nature of the Lightwave interface and the editing that we are trying to do, it cannot function as a floating modal panel, so we recommend setting a keyboard short cut for the plugin, as you switch back and forth between Lightwave select mode and tool execution mode.