Custom 3D Tools
by Greenbriar Studio


Load Obj file as Morph Plugin

Tool for loading Poser fully posed scenes into LW for rendering.

This utiltiy is an addon for our CR2 loader which allows you to import, as a morph, obj files exported from Poser.

To use - create a scene and save as a pz3 (or cr2) file. Then export each figure and prop in the scene as an obj file, with NO check boxes selected. This tells Poser to export final point positions, which includes the effect of all Poser deformers - morphs, posing, scaling, moving, JCM, etc. Then load the pz3 file with CR2 Loader. The objects are created in LW and a basic scene is created. But before opening the scene in Layout, load each object in modeler and use this utility to create a new morph (or morphs) from your exported obj files and resave the lwos. Now open the scene in LW, activate MorphMixer for each object and turn on the new morph. All components move back to their posed Poser positions. So now you have the scene, with all morphs and materials and in the exact pose you started with in Poser, ready to render.

Works on Figures, hair and props. Converts any combination of morphs, posing, scaling and movement to a single LW morph.


LW Scale - used if CR2 was loaded with convert to LW scale. (Actually, it works fine even if the CR2 was not enlarged. It justs creates a morph that enlarges as well as everything else)

Flip Z Axis - used if Flip Z was used in the CR2 load to preserve Poser left and right (This one DOES matter!).

To go with this utility the new CR2 Loader version 1.3 supports loading without bones. (They get in the way if you're posing with morphs and not bones.)


Vickie 3 Glamorous Vickie by Jim Burton posed by morphs (Jim's sitting pretty pose). Unretouched LW render - default plus highest anti-aliasing.


Closeup of of Face and Hair from above: