Custom 3D Tools
by Greenbriar Studio


Write Morphs by Part LW Plugin

Export body level endomorphs to .obj files for each part

Write morphs by part is designed to aid in using Lightwave for custom morph creation for Poser characters. You bring the Poser character, in whole or in part into Lightwave that you want to make morphs for. And then you create the morphs you need. This utility allows you to work on a complete figure as a single endomorph map and then it will break out the morph to seperate Poser readable files by part to recreate your design in Poser. No more trying to match up part edges on different morphs! Do them both at the same time with a body level morph and we will split it out for you.

Just pick a destination directory and run! A new file named <partname>.<endomorph map name>.obj is created for each part of the endomorph.

This plugin is specifically designed to work with an entire Poser figure loaded into LW. Poser part names must be present in the model.

For this to generate correct morph targets for Poser your figure MUST NOT have the parts welded together (this changes the point count and order) and for non-symetrical morphs to work correctly, the model must have the Z axis flipped so that left and right read correctly in LW. Our CR2 Loader plugin and the export as morph target function from Poser both do this.

Our write morphs utilities now support multiple output flavors, as requested! It will write the set of endomorphs out as 'squeezed' Poser morph files, as point and face format, which can be read back into Lightwave and as a full .obj file with points, continuous and discontinuous UVs and faces, the normal new object format.

This utility allows you to choose to create a Poser compressed vertex morph file for each endomorph. WARNING! These files are the recommended method for distributing Poser morphs, but you can not read them back into Lightwave as they are not complete geometry, just the point offsets required by Poser to load a body part morph. So always save your working object as a .lwo or as a set of point and face or complete files.

Had problems reading squeezed morph target files into ProPack? These files are readable by both Poser 4 and ProPack. To fix your other morphs - ProPack requires at least one face line at the end of the file. Poser 4 will accept the end of the file as the end of the vertex list, Pro Pack will not!