Custom 3D Tools
by Greenbriar Studio


Export Figure Poses LW Plugin
Load Figure Poses LW Plugin

Save and restore bone parameter poses for any figure in Lightwave.

This pair of plugins can be used to save and restore poses - movement, scale and rotation of all bones - from any boned Lightwave object in Layout. Poses can be read back to any figure that shares all (or some - unknown bones are ignored) of the same bone names. If you use a standard named skeleton, they can be used to and from any figure. These also work with imported Poser figures as they use standard naming.

The export plugin is time sensitive. It checks for current time and grabs all settings at that point. So you can move the time slider to any point, on or between keyframes, and grab any pose you wish to save.

Loading a pose simply applies the offsets to all bones that it can match by name from the pose file. Mismatches are ignored so you can use a pose to get a start and set the odd or new bones by hand, rather than erroring on any mismatch.