Gothic Armour


Italian Open Face Barbutte- 14 g Mild, Level II finish

This is the first of a series of helmets that we are working on using traditional raising techniques on two piece welded helms to be able to create the more curvilinear shapes of traditional helmets. While a raised from single piece helmet is in the multi-thousand dollar range, we can make raised two piece helms at costs comparable to currently selling reenactor helms. The two halves of this helm are part sunk (dished), part cold raised and part hot raised to get the desired continuously curved shape. (And you guys wondered why I spent all that time raising bronze one piece helmets.)

A T face model and stainless version of this helmet are in the works in addition to other new helmets.

(I never thought I would have so much trouble photographing armour! My old satin finish never let you see that I was taking pictures in my painting studio!)