Greek Helmet - 14g Mild, Level I or II finish

This is our second helmet designed specifically for SCA combat that is available as a kit. After seeing several flat plate kits, which are practically worthless for a beginning armourer, I decided to make 3D kits. The kit contains the three 14g pieces, already fully shaped. You have to planish (smooth) the plates and rivet them together. The hard work of shaping the helmet halves is already done. There is also an option to order the bar set, ends already forged. The bar set also includes welding the bar overlaps after you have riveted them on. (Two restrictions to this welding offer - you have to be able to get the helmet back to us, plus the bars have to be correctly aligned for welding, ie touching where they cross and butt.)

This helmet is an altered version of our Illyrian helmet, altered for SCA use.

Helmet characteristics:
- Designed with an angled top and angled front to deflect blows
- Two piece main construction to reduce weight and cost
- Full Open face gives excellent peripheral and overall vision

Kit contents
Basic kit - 2 - 14g Mild steel plates, filed, rough shaped into helmet halves, 1 - rough dished center strip, 14g Mild steel, filed, marked for hole placement. What you do - smooth the three plates, add center line to strip if desired, punch or drill holes, rivet together, trim back end of center strip.
Kit with bars - as above plus includes 8 - 3/16 square bars, flat, ends forged to allow punching for attaching. What you do - in addition to above - curve bars, rivet to helmet, then weld crossovers inside and out, or bring to us for welding.
(Scroll down for Kit pics - available soon.)

Welded version with internal riveted bars and brass trim.
Side View.
Front View.

Complete Kit with Optional Bar Set

Closeup of surface of kit half.