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Welcome to Sir Sven's Armoury!

Creating sport and replica armour since 1969.

We have moved on from non period stainless and are working in spring steel these days, making the sturdiest and lightest armour available. We no longer offer stainless steel armour.

We are working on new models in spring steel, included welded and raised to save costs as well as our raised gauntlets. Pictures will be available soon.

Single skin (welded or raised) helmets are available in all 14 gauge or 14 with some 16 gauge parts, depending on the model.

Body armour is available in 18 or 20 gauge (hardened and tempered) for light weight.

One of a Kind - unusual items, including work by other armourers available for immediate sale.

Purchases - can be made via Paypal for credit card use (In Stock products can ship imediately), or by check in US dollars (one to two weeks to ship).

Notices -

October 5 , 2016

We are selling prototype items at events currently, but we are not taking any orders yet.


David Mathews
Baron Master Sir Sven of Vandelalven, OL

Contact - grnbriar at