Greenbriar Studio FrankenSynth

8 - 64 voice DCO Analog Synthesizer and Master Keyboard(s)

Under Construction - detailed description soon.

The idea for this was to provide the software and PC boards with parts lists and instructions.


60 Keyboard and 16 voices (2 - 8 voice boards)


Dual 88 and 60 Keyboards with 8 Voices


My custom 8 voice board set in foreground and the io / voice assign board under the keyboards. Three PC boards required.


Two ways to stack the 2 voice daughter boards


LCD Patch control


LCD Voice Edit


LCD Keyboard Control

Control is via a 7 inch LCD touch screen. Which has only two layers of depth. Main categories are always across the top and reachable. No Menu diving. Some sections have tabs across the bottom, such as the voice edit section. Outside inputs are Midi in/out, hold pedal, patch increment, patch decrement pedals and audio out.