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Greenbriar Studio’s Midi Thru 10 is a one in, ten out powered Midi thru box. It simply echos all midi data received at midi in simultaneously to ten midi outs.

It is available as a completed unit, or as a kit.

The Midi Thru 10 kit is a thru hole parts only kit - no surface mount soldering required.

The kit comes with all parts needed to build a Midi Thru 10, including all electronic components, the pc board, the power supply, plastic box, mounting bolts and rubber feet. You have to solder all components to the pcb, at which point you have a working device, and optionally mount the board in the box. Completing the box requires drilling two 1/8 holes to mount the pcb to the box lid and then cutting holes or slots in the box to access all the jacks. This can be done by drilling holes in the box or by using a dremel tool with a cutoff wheel to cut slots. The completed units have holes drilled for all connector access.

Midi Thru 10 Kit

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Assembled kit

Note for using with Midi bus powered devices:

The Midi Thru 10 can not drive Midi bus powered devices as our other devices can. So the outs should be plugged directly to your keyboards. You can use this with Midi Solutions products by either using them up stream ( hooking an output from a Midi Solutions box to the Midi In) or if they must be downstream from this box, by hooking an output to the input of their power box then on to other Midi Solutions boxes. I just use any needed extra splitters first, then this unit to go to my keyboards. Midi bus powered devices actually violate the Midi standard and my devices all have their own power, as what they do requires it, but I also use Midi Solution boxes of all sizes in my rigs. I built this as I just needed some bigger and more affordable large thru boxes.


Kit Assembly Manual

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Midi Thru 10 Kit

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