Latest Projects - Midi Thru 10 and Midi Assigner MK2.

The Midi Thru 10 is a one in ten outt MidiThru box available as a kit of as a complete unit.

The Midi Assigner MK2 upgrade model is also now available as a kit as well as assembled and tested or as a complete unit.

This Midi Hardware devices are designed to work with older synths to provide midi.patches that create 16 channels of splits and layers across multiple synths.

It also provides an arpeggiator. And in Assigner mode, it has external voice assignment per channel that allows you to play two synths as if they were one synth of up to 16 voices. Play two four voice Roland Boutiques as an 8 voice or two Roland Junos or Oberheim Matrix 6s as a 12 voice. Each of the 16 channels can support a voice assignment pair of synths

They have onboard controls and a LCD display to access all functions, plus they have a computer based editor to make editing and bank backup faster.

The Assigner MK2 has 14 banks of 128 patches.

The Assigner MK2  supports midi powered midi boxes by Midi Solutions.


FrankenSynth 8 - 64 voice Analog DCO synthesizer - here with 1 Keyboard and 16 Voices

Librarian Editor for Europa upgraded Jupiter 6

Librarian Editor for Encore upgraded Jupiter 8


Greenbriar MIDI DAW - 128 Track Midi and Audio recorder. Plus 128 Channel Synth/Keyboard patchbay.

We have also have Librarian / Editors for some of our favorite Roland 80’s and 90’s Synths.

We are currently working on Librarians for the Europa upgraded Jupiter 6 and the Encore upgraded Jupiter 8. We plan to add editors for JX 10 / MKS 70 and JD 800 / JD 990 next as those are part of our early synth setup.

Midi Thru Complete
MidiAssignerMK2 Complete Board 9

Midi Thru 10

Midi Assigner MK2 Assembled and Tested