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Portrait Painting Classes and Workshops

Regularly Scheduled local classes:

Mabel House, Mabelton, South Cobb, West Atlanta, Ga:

     Pastel Portraits - Pastel Portraits from the beginning. The first piece for new students is a black and white pastel to learn the detailed use of value and contrast required for portrait painting. (To see an example:  the first painting - ‘Jamie’ - on the B&W page was done as a demo in this class.) Followed by works in full color. New students can purchase a set of B&W chalks, pastel pencils and paper at the first class. Bring a drawing board and source photos to the first class. This ongoing class covers both pastel method and general portrait composition and design. 
Currently Thursday nights 7-9pm, 8 week sessions.

     Portrait Painting in Oil - This class is for painters interested in classical portrait painting techniques to achieve realistic portraits. Class covers use of toned canvasses, monochrome and full color underpainting, layering in oils, color mixing on the canvas, glazing and drybrush techniques to achieve realistic portraits in oil.  
Currently Monday nights 7-9pm, 8 week sessions.

Topics covered in all classes:

     Classes cover pastel and/or oil portrait painting. Contents vary as to level of students. Classes currently include advanced beginners to selling portrait artists. Emphasis on controlling your results, creating good compositions from your source material, creating solid three dimensional figures, getting repeatable results, academic drawing rules and understanding how your vision and visual processing affects how you work.

Greenbriar Studio
4771 Cool Springs Rd.
Winston, GA 30187
Telephone / Fax  770 949 2014


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