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Commissioning a Portrait

     Commissioning a Portrait begins with a discussion of medium, size, options and price range. Visits to the Studio, for those close enough, are encouraged. Nothing can replace seeing original artworks in person. That is our general recommendation to anyone considering buying a portrait. If at all possible, go and see some of the work of each artist that you are considering, in person. Web pages and photos can give you a good idea of an artistís style, but are not an accurate representation of paintings.
     Once medium, size and general cost range are determined, I meet with the sitter, either in their home, my studio, or other location desired by the sitter and we explore structure and pose options and take photographs of each possibility. From these photos, a final design is chosen and final costs are determined. At this point a 50% deposit is taken. The drawing is then done on canvas or paper. A copy of this drawing is sent to the client for approval.
    If possible, a sitting is arranged in our studio for final finishing. Final payment is due upon completion. Framing costs are not included in the portrait cost, but paintings can be delivered framed at the clientís request. All photography and travel in the Atlanta or Birmingham areas is included.

For further information about commisioning a portrait, please contact us by mail, email or fax.

Greenbriar Studio
4771 Cool Springs Rd.
Winston, GA 30187
Telephone / Fax  770 949 2014


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