Greenbriar Studio Librarian / Editor

for Europa Upgraded Roland Jupiter 6


Greenbriar Jupiter 6 Europa is available on both Mac and Windows. The versions are identical.

NOTE - All information below applies only to an Europa upgraded Jupiter 6. It will not function with a unmodified Jupiter 6.

The Jupiter 6 Europa Editor works in two basic modes:

Offline - It can read any Jupiter 6 Europa sysex file. It will load - Midi channel, Controller Assignments, Rhythm and Sequences, Patches and Presets. It will also write out a sysex file in the Europa dump all format (patches, presets, sequences, controllers and midi channel). This is so you can use this to make sound sets that can be sent to anyone. These can be loaded with MidiOx or similar software.

It also has its own binary lib format, for fast loading. These can also be exported to sysex.

Either libs or sysex files can be loaded into one of two internal data sets - Main - which is the one you can edit on screen, save and transmit via midi, and  Copy - which has only one function - to let you rearrange patches and presets. From Copy you can select a patch or preset and move it to any patch or preset position in Main. So you can easily rearrange your sound libraries.

Online - Select Midi in and out ports and you are in online mode (all Offline functions still work as well). In Online mode, the buttons on the right below the Live tab button are now active. You can load from and save to your Jupiter directly without having to use sysex files. Plus, turn on the Live button and all controllers are now live and controlling your Jupiter. This means that when you select a patch, all controls will be set to the new patch and so will the Jupiter. You can preview the patch sound without having to save the patch to the Jupiter, it is just changing the current edit buffer. Manually move any knob and you will hear the effect

Both - You will see the exact values of all settings of every patch and preset you call up, one of my main goals - hence the text value box on all controls. You will also see extra controls for Slot select and the extra voice assign modes as well as the new arpeggio settings.

Mostly things work the same as they do on the Jupiter 6. But there are some things to note-

The Write button- If you are in Patch mode it saves your changes to the patch, in Preset mode it is a bit different. In basic Preset mode it will save the Preset upper or lower (if you are in split mode and lower is selected), and you will see the name of the preset in the name slot. But I wanted an easy way to see and change the upper and lower patch selection, so I added the Preset Patch button. Turn this on and the buttons change to show the upper or lower patch (without losing which Preset you are on) and the name of the Patch in the Name display. In this mode you can select a new patch and the write button will write both the upper or lower patch data, and the new upper or lower patch as well. You have to use this button to change the patch selections inside a preset.

The Write Name button - It will let you rename either a patch or preset name. These names are supported by Europa and will come back when you load them back from your Jupiter. However, write Name will NOT work if Preset Patch is on. It can only change a Patch name if you are in Patch mode.

The Keybboard - Works if midi is connected, whether Live is on of off. Live just turns CC sends from controls on and off.

Other special controls - The Volume knob works, though you can’t read it from the Jupiter, only send it. Tune works, also outgoing only. Tape and Manual do absolutely nothing, just there to match the Jupiter.

Chord On / Chord Off - One problem with a mouse is that you only have one. You cannot hold a key down and then move a control, so I added the chord feature so you can turn on a chord and then move controls. And I wanted to be able to pick the chord as patches are for different ranges.

Issues with upgrade software - There are two main issues with the current version - I cannot upload presets or sequences live and preset load will only load from the currently selected slot on the Jupiter. Due to this, the Load All Slots will load all 6 slots worth of patches, but only the current slots worth of presets. Select the slot you want these to go to before loading. NOTE - this load takes 15-20 seconds and it will be another 10 seconds before the Jupiter will respond to the keyboard. All other loads are very quick. Due to this issue - Load Preset loads all presets from the currently selected slot of your Jupiter to the Slot you have selected in the editor. This allows you to bring them all over into one library. Load All Patches is similar - you select a slot in the editor and it will load all patches from that slot in the Jupiter - you do not need to select it in the Jupiter for patches. Send Patch sends only the currently selected patch.

The Firmware Update will be last, if these bug issues are resolved.

So expect some buttons will say ‘Still in Test’ or ‘Not Implemented’, but you cannot hurt anything by pushing them.

Now available for Mac and Windows.


Jupiter 6 with its new Europa magnet set